Metal Processing

  • Narrow Width Slitting
  • Cut to Length
  • Edge Conditioned Bar
  • Tempering
  • Sheared-to-Size Blanks 

Our processing equipment includes three slitters, three cut-to-length lines, three temper mills, two edging lines and 5 shears. Narrow width slitting is our specialty.


Edge Rolling, Edge Conditioning

Rolling a strip of steel to smooth the edges. Removing the burr off the coil makes it safer for customers to work with.

Many types of edges can be produced in the manufacture of flat rolled metal products. The following types of edges are recognized as standard for stainless steel strips.

No.1 Edge - A smooth, uniform, round or square edge, either slit or filed or slit and edge rolled as specified, width tolerance +/-.005”.

No.2 Edge - A natural round mill edge carried through from the hot rolled band. Has not been slit, filed, or edge rolled. Tolerances not closer than hot-rolled strip limits.

No.3 Edge - Square, produced by slitting only. Not filed. Width tolerance close.

No.4 Edge - A round edge produced by edge rolling either from a natural mill edge or from slit edge strip. Not as perfect as No. 1 edge. Width tolerances liberal.

No.5 Edge - An approximately square edge produced by slitting and filing or slitting and rolling to remove burr.

No.6 Edge - A square edge produced by square edge rolling, generally from square edge hot-rolled occasionally from slit strip. Width tolerances and finish not as exacting as No. 1 edge.

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