Terms and Conditions

Mid America Stainless Terms And Conditions & General Trade Customs

Quotation and Prices

All quotations made by our company or our agents are subject to prior sale and recount, to change without notice and to the price in effect at time of shipment. In cases where full specifications have not been given within the time agreed upon, we reserve the right to cancel such contracts. Material ordered especially for your requirements is not subject to cancellation without our written consent. All sales are made subject to strikes, accidents or other causes beyond our control. Terms of sale Our terms of payment are 1/2% 10, net 30 days from date of invoice. Our acceptance and terms applying to all orders shall be subject to the approval of our Credit Department. All orders will specify FOB our warehouse or destination.


All shipping promises are made with the expectation that shipments will go forward on schedule. Shipments of orders for material requiring processing (such as slitting, shearing, blanking, edging, etc.) are scheduled depending on the amount of work involved and your delivery requirements. Special order promises are estimated as carefully as possible and although we do our best to ship on time, we cannot guarantee delivery should a delay occur that is beyond our reasonable control.


All of our materials are guaranteed to conform to the standard specifications and tolerances of their producing mills. In addition, all incoming materials are inspected, tested and recorded by us prior to stocking, again while processing and finally before shipping. Despite all of the care taken in our plant and in the selection of our mill sources, it is sometimes impossible to detect all imperfections or defects prior to shipment. We guarantee, however, that we will replace defective material with new material or provide a credit for any goods proven defective within 5 business days from date of shipment. Buyer must show that it has properly worked or used the material. We will not be responsible for any damage, labor, loss or other expense alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly from use of such material. In the event any shipment proves unsuitable, you should immediately discontinue its use and advise us, in writing, of all the facts concerning the problem. Under the circumstances we reserve the right to inspect the material in question and to decide whether to rework or replace. Such materials should not be returned without our authorization.

Claims Against Common Carriers

The following are some suggestions that will be helpful in establishing a claim against a common carrier should a shipment arrive in a damaged condition or if you should discover a shortage. (1) A notation should be made on the face of the delivery receipt in duplicate indicating the nature of the damage or amount of the shortage, one copy for you and one for the carrier. (2) Both copies should be signed by the carrier's representative prior to your acceptance of the material. (3) Claims against the carrier should be filed promptly.

Items 1,000 Ibs. or more ±10%
Items 300/999 Ibs +15% - 10%
Items 100/299 Ibs +20% - 10%
Items 1/99 Ibs +30% - 10%